"Because every business deserves proactive IT support"

By implementing a true MSP mindset, we strive to make enterprise-level IT services available to small to medium companies, without breaking the bank

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Process optimization

With up to 35% in several instances; enabling you to get more done faster than ever


Near-instant responses

With 100% same-day resolutions in over 10 years. We make it a point of duty to ensure an expert can pick up when you call


Customer retention in 10 years

Most of our customers have trusted us with their IT for over 10 years and to this day, we consistently work to keep their trust.

Your growing business needs expert, reliable & speedy IT support...

We believe that no size of business should ever be doomed to terrible processes, recurring cybersecurity and compliance issues, and malfunctioning printers! In the right IT environment, it's ten times easier to set goals and actually achieve them!

With no wires in your way, high internet speed consistently, remote workers having no issues getting work done, and compliance at a 100% status, it's easier to focus on growing your business - because everything just works.

That's the quality of IT environment we help small to mid-sized business work in, at a fraction of the cost of internal staffing - because we care and because it's possible.

ENFORM IT was born out of a need to change the status quo

Our founder, Paul, was at an IT company that wanted to be a managed service provider without the faintest clue on how to actually be proactive. He didn't want to sit around waiting until something broke before finding out about it, he wanted to be able to know and provide solutions in real time!

In 2010, he started ENFORM IT Solutions, where he implemented the proactive IT support system that guides our operations - it's the true MSP mindset. We strive to bring enterprise-level IT services to small to medium companies in Kentucky and Indiana, without the crushing costs of in-house hiring for IT experts.

We know firsthand that the odds are stacked against small to mid-sized business owners. One big goal of ours is to make it easier for you to achieve your goals with the right technology, delivered on time, every time.

Our values

The values which drive everything we do

Speed + expertise

For most IT companies, it's one or the other. Not us - we've made it a culture to always provide expert, long-lasting IT solutions in record time. We stand for speedy excellence.

You-first approach

Your needs should dictate technology, not the other way around. We stay true to this, and never try to shoe-horn an IT stack on you to make a quick buck. YOUR needs come first.

Always proactive

We don't operate with a basic break-fix model, where we only know there's an issue after you call. We proactively monitor your systems and keep you productive, remotely.

True partnership

You get all the benefits of working with IT specialists with decades of experience, while still feeling like we are part of your team. Because we are!

Our team

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We can make IT your competitive advantage, want to see how?

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