Enterprise-grade IT support for your SMB, on a budget!

We provide small to mid-sized businesses in Kentucky and Indiana with expert IT solutions - keeping them productive, secure, and compliant, 24/7...

Do you feel like your IT experience is a consistent disaster?

Does your "IT guy" leave you high and dry when it matters most?

Delayed responses, band-aid "one-size-fits-all" solutions, insecure systems... That's not what "support" should look like

Is your working experience unbearable, with one random IT problem or the other?

Growing a business is hard work on its own, no one needs the boatload of IT problems on top of that!

Are you 100% confident about your cybersecurity and compliance?

Instead of being constantly agitated about your security, why not get qualified experts to keep you secure and compliant, always?

At Enform IT Solutions, we're making IT support what it should be; proactive...

Small to mid-sized businesses have lived through some of the worst IT conditions in Kentucky and Indiana for the longest time. Making do with IT service providers that never pick up their calls on time (even in an emergency) and lack the expertise they need to drive productivity.

We got tired of the traditional break-fix IT support structure, that waits for a problem to pop up, before showing up as the hero of the day... We believe IT support should be proactive; not just about solving issues before they form, but about everything!

With us as your IT partners, you can be sure that we build IT around your business goals (not the other way around). We fix issues before you knew there was one, train and keep your team tech-savvy while ensuring that you stay consistently secure and compliant - all with a warm friendliness about us.

Near-instant responses
Years of combined IT experience

How our IT services help small to mid-sized businesses like yours

Stay compliant

Across healthcare, financial and legal industries, we all it takes to keep you compliant. We specialize in these areas that deal with strict legislation (HIPAA, FINRA, and more).

Seamless processes

We make IT about your day-to-day needs because we take the time to understand your business. With modern IT solutions, we ensure that one task nicely flows into the other.


The goal is to bulletproof your data, and keep you safe and compliant no matter what. We proactively monitor your entire network, ensuring that intruders stay out.

Leverage the Cloud

We have the cloud computing prowess to keep you productive and safe on the cloud. Work with your onsite work apps, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Only senior engineers

With 50 years of combined IT experience up our sleeves, and having been in operation as an IT company since 2010, we've seen it all and have all the solutions.

Stay focused

We do more than maintain the status quo, we upgrade your entire IT experience. from the help desk to remote support. Finally, you can focus on your business while IT works.

We can make IT your competitive advantage, want to see how?

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